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Testimonial Justin Charles

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Testimonial - Justin Charles


Just wanting give a huge heartfelt and public thank you Andrew Burchell Sports Kinesiology for helping me have the best season I’ve ever had… at age 46!!!

I hit the ball with the power and frequency of my younger days, but even better. And I can directly attribute my success to the work Andy did with me.

The work is very subtle, but amazingly powerful. I felt so focused and found when I got a pitch I could handle, I smashed it.

The exciting thing is, as I continue the Sport Kinesiology work with Andy, I feel the I haven’t reached anywhere near my peak. I feel there is far more improvement to come.  

All I can say is, if you are desiring to have your best season in your chosen sport, let Andy set you up to do so… you will not regret!!!!!


Justin Charles

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