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Testimonial - Shaun Ryan

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Testimonial - Shaun Ryan


“To who it may concern, 


After 3 years in retirement I attempted a comeback to AFL football this year. The pre season was not progressing well and basically my body was going in to meltdown.

Fortunately for me I had driven past Andrew Burchell’s sign many times and thought ‘what the heck I may as well give it a try” as nothing else was working.

The results were nothing short of miraculous. Every physical ailment was cured within weeks. A chronic back problem I had for 10 years which I had been told I had to “learn to live with” has now completely disappeared. The end result is that at 40 years of age I feel fitter and healthier than any time in my life.

For me Andrew’s treatment has not been limited to the body. Any physical, emotional or spiritual issue that needs transcending Andrew has assisted with. It has left me with a new found wisdom, that any ailment in the physical first starts in the invisible non linear field.

I cannot recommend Andrew enough. My suggestion is to give him a try and attend with an open mind and open heart. I suspect the results will be miraculous for you as well.


Shaun Ryan


AFL Field Umpire

6 AFL Grand Finals

2010 All Australian Umpire


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